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Festival: Glastonbury 2014 Highlights


Two weeks ago me and two friends could be spotted trawling through Leeds train station, lumbered down with rucksacks, sleeping bags and tote bags full of Strongbow, all heading for the Bristol train. We were of course about to descend on Glastonbury Festival, a pilgrimage of a journey for any music fan. I could proceed to write an in-depth travel piece about my week featuring stomach churning long-drop experiences and mud related chip incidents, however I’ll stick to the more interesting music highlights… image


By Friday the musical festivities were already well underway, and the rain had already churned the grass of Worthy Farm into a muddy swamp. We head straight to the John Peel Stage to see Drenge and Temples. Drenge brought one of the first mosh pits the John Peel stage had seen in years, and as the Loveless brothers snarled their way through songs teenagers at the barrier went mental. Temples however proved to be the perfect festival set. They were introduced to the stage as a reincarnation of 70’s Glastonbury, a hippie perfect psychedelia revival band bringing spangly guitar tunes and big hair back to the festival. The band played a shortened set, including popular tunes off of their debut album ‘Sun Structures’, and my personal favourite ‘Ankh’. Due to their in depth instrumentals they were forced to cut ever popular ‘Shelter Song’ from their set, leaving the crowd almost satisfied with ‘Mesmerise’ to finish off.

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This is priceless and nerddom is universal.

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